Why adopt a school?

A report published by ASER in January 2018 states, “Over the years the proportion of youth acquiring even foundation skills has been worryingly low. In 2016 less than half of those in standard 8 could solve 4th standard division problems.” With India being a growing young nation, that statistic is unnerving.

Several economic, social and political factors have influenced our education system over the decades, but there seem to be two main problem areas: Quality and Access. Most students dropout from school due to their inability to pass grade 10 board exams.

As a part of CTD’s mission to improve quality and access, and create a level playing field for students studying in government and aided schools, it has partnered with Prerana, an NGO based out of Bangalore, that works towards using education to empower meritorious students from financially distressed families. CTD and Prerana jointly adopt schools and deploy CTD’s year-long coaching programs in Science, Mathematics and English to elevate learning levels and pass percentages in these schools.

How much does a school adoption program cost?

The cost of running a 180-hour coaching program for grade 10 in Science, Mathematics and English delivered to students studying in English and vernacular medium is only Rs. 5,00,000/- per year. Such a program can benefit about 100-120 students for a cost of  approximately Rs. 5000 per child per year. The cost of running a similar program for students of grade 8 or 9 is the same.

How can you contribute?

While school adoption programs are usually sponsored by corporates and NGOs, we have also utilised the power of crowd-sourcing to mobilise funds for our school adoption programs. Individuals are encouraged to sponsor at least one student by contributing Rs. 5000/-.  CTD and Prerana shall adopt a school as soon as the funds donated through crowd-sourcing reaches Rs. 5,00,000/-. Government and aided schools are typically adopted in rural and suburban areas. About 25 government and aided schools have already been adopted over the last 3 years benefiting over 4300 high-school students. Pass percentages in these schools have seen a jump from a mere 40% to over 76%.

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