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The current scenario in India in education is far from ideal. According to 2015 report by UNESCO, India will have the second highest shortage of teachers among all the countries in the world. By 2030, schools in India will have to recruit 3 million teachers to meet the shortfall. This in spite of India having thousands of B.Ed. and D.Ed. colleges across the country from which tens of thousands of teachers graduate every year. The quality of students graduating out of most of these teacher education institutions is suspect since there has been a proliferation of colleges in the last two decades, most of them sub-standard. A large percentage of these institutions do not conduct any classes, are woefully short-staffed or just do not have the wherewithal to provide holistic training to the student-teachers.

The curricula of B.Ed. and D.Ed. courses also are largely focussed on pedagogy alone with little emphasis on improving or establishing tight linkages with subject knowledge. This results in student-teachers gaining theoretical knowledge of pedagogical techniques without ever getting to apply them in teaching of subjects. High quality teaching demands more than both good content knowledge and good pedagogical knowledge: it requires a consideration of how specific characteristics of the content might influence one's pedagogy, and vice versa. Developing pedagogical content knowledge derived from the interaction of pedagogical beliefs and characteristics of the content in order to decide how a particular topic might be presented for optimal 'learnability' is the most important skill a teacher needs to develop.

This is where we at CTD come in. CTD's teacher training programs for student-teachers bridge the gap between pedagogy and subject knowledge expertise. Our programs are designed specifically keeping pre-service teachers in mind and the curriculum they cover in their B.Ed. or D.Ed. courses. Our program run in parallel to a B.Ed. or D.Ed. course and supplements and complements the topics covered during the course. CTD ties up with B.Ed. and D.Ed. colleges to offer its Foundation program as an integrated course along with the curriculum. Foundation courses are currently available to student-teachers of Physical Sciences, Biological Sciences, Mathematics and English.

Some of the highlights of the Foundation program are:

  • Emphasis on developing deep subject expertise
  • Newer pedagogical techniques used in classrooms around the world
  • Blending of pedagogy and subject knowledge expertise to create pedagogical content knowledge
  • Use of CTD’s philosophy of “frugal science” that helps a teacher in demonstrating the most complex concepts using inexpensive and easily available material
  • Integration of technology into teaching
  • Subject coverage from syllabi of CBSE, ICSE, IB, IGCSE and state boards
  • Aligned to the B.Ed. curriculum so that the training complements the courses that student-teachers learn in that semester
  • Helps student-teachers with their B.Ed. assignments
  • Access to a large set of online resources through our portal

If you are a B.Ed. or D.Ed. college or a student-teacher currently undergoing training in a B.Ed. or D.Ed. college, contact us to know more about our Foundation program for student-teachers.

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Student-teachers continue to use ideas received during the training program conducted by Connecting The Dots even after they commenced their teaching profession. The enthusiasm and interest generated in the classroom by these training sessions will stay with them when they teach their students.   Assistant Director - Government College for Teacher Education, Belgaum
CTD is doing a very good job which will help all future teachers. All B.Ed. college students should undergo their training along with their B.Ed. course.   Student-Teacher R.I.E., Mysore
I have been searching for such training programs before becoming a teacher. This has enhanced my knowledge and I have more confidence in becoming a teacher. It will be of help for my career. I want to thank Connecting The Dots who conducted this training.   Student-Teacher, New Horizon B. Ed. College, Bangalore
These training sessions were the best Science and Maths sessions I have ever attended. I realised that my understanding of these subjects had been incomplete all these years. Such programs are a must for all B.Ed. students and future teachers.   Student-Teacher, Siddarameshwar B. Ed. college, Dharwad
Gnanadeepa program has made a difference to our students in demonstration classes, planning & designing instructional material and lesson plans.   The Principal of MES B.Ed. College, Bangalore