BrainWire 2019-20 is a one-of-its-kind first ever live online quiz competition for high school students conducted by the India’s leading edu-tech company Connecting the Dots.

Who can participate?

Students of grades 8, 9 or 10 from any school can participate in the BrainWire quiz. Schools affiliated to CBSE, ICSE or state boards are eligible to nominate their students to participate in the quiz.

In which language will the quiz be conducted?

The quiz will be conducted in English. Hence participation is currently restricted to English medium schools. However, students studying in vernacular medium schools can also participate if they can understand and answer questions in English. There are plans to conduct the quiz in the vernacular medium in future.

In which subjects will the students be asked questions in the quiz?

Questions will be on Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Environmental Science, Geography and Logical Reasoning. Questions will be from the high-school syllabus focusing on application of concepts and deep understanding of the subject.

What is the team size? How many teams can participate from a school?

A team shall comprise two students. Students shall be from grades 8, 9 or 10. It is not necessary to have both students to be from the same grade. The two students may be from two different grades. A school can nominate only one team comprising the top two scoring students in the preliminary written test for the quiz.

What is the format of the quiz? What is the schedule?

BrainWire is a multi-level quiz.

Preliminary Round: Schools wanting to participate in BrainWire will have to conduct a preliminary written test using test papers given by Connecting The Dots. The school shall create a team comprising the top two scorers in the written test. The preliminary written test will commence from 20th January 2020 and needs to be completed by 1st February 2020. Schools can choose any dates between these two dates to conduct the test.

Subsequent Rounds: Groups of 6-8 teams shall participate in subsequent rounds that will be conducted in a live online manner. Teams will join the quiz through CTD’s online platform Cloud-Tutors. Top teams from each round will progress to the next found leading up to the finals. Subsequent rounds shall be conducted between 3rd February and 22nd February 2020 with the Grande Finale on 29th February 2020.

How will each school team join the live online quiz?

Teams will join the quiz through CTD’s online platform Cloud-Tutors. They will sit in the school’s AV room and login to the quiz using the Cloud-Tutors platform. This will require a reliable internet connection of at least 8 Mbps, uninterrupted power backup during the duration of the quiz, a PC with a web browser connected to a mike, speaker and a webcam.

How can a team prepare for the quiz?

CTD shall conduct live online classes covering various aspects of the topics on which questions will be asked for two months starting from 25-November 2019 to 10-January 2020 as per a pre-defined schedule. Each day CTD will conduct a 45-minute session. Students of the schools can participate in these live, online and interactive classes. CTD’s top-notch subject experts who are IITians will teach during these classes. Participation in these classes will give students a deep understanding of various topics on which questions may be asked in the quiz along with a good understanding of the type of questions that may be asked. To do well in the quiz, students will have to attend these live online classes regularly.

What prizes will the winners of the quiz be awarded?

Top three teams will get a certificate and a trophy. They will also be taken to ISRO’s Satish Dhawan Space Centre at Sriharikota. Others will get a participation certificate.

How can a school register for the quiz?

Schools wishing to participate in the quiz will need to fill in an online form by accessing the link provided below. Online form has to be filled latest by 17th November 2019.