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The government is the traditional custodian of education in most countries around the world. The situation in India is no different. There are increased budgetary allocations for education year after year. Public policy is evolving to improve education in India. Establishment of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan (SSA) and Right To Education Act (RTE) are examples of this. But most such investments and initiatives attempt to address the problem of quantity rather than quality. In our view, the problem of quality is a grave one. It led one newspaper to label India as a 'nation of educated unemployables'.

There have been several revisions in central and state syllabi. Many teachers lack the awareness and knowledge to effectively adopt these changes. We have specially designed programs for government school teachers and children. 'One size does not fit all' is our Mantra. Programs designed for the urban private schools cannot be effective for government schools in rural areas. We tailor our content, approach and language to suit the segment.

In this context, it is indeed heartening that several corporates through their CSR programs are working toward improving the quality of education in India's schools.

If you are a corporate entity with a CSR program focused on education, CTD can partner with you to make the programs impactful and relevant. We work with corporates to develop bespoke programs that are pertinent and which compliment or fill in the gaps in the social value chain that the corporate envisages to operate in. Our Value Realisation Model (VRM) unlocks real and tangible value in these programs and ensures more bang for the buck without compromising on program goals and outcomes. VRM helps corporates to manage programs through the entire life-cycle like program identification and design, partner identification and due-diligence, beneficiary identification, project management, reporting and compliance and impact assessment. Corporates can track and monitor their CSR program throughout its entire lifecycle using our VRM-enabled platform.

Many of our recent programs made possible by CSR funds have been to train pre-service teachers in B. Ed. colleges and in-service teachers in government schools. The impact of our programs on these teachers, tracked using a comprehensive set of performance measures, is very positive.

We so run several programs for coaching students of grades V to X in government and government aided schools in Science, Mathematics and English. Coaching is offered throughout the academic year. Coaching is offered to students of vernacular medium and English medium in these schools. We also run coaching programs for merit-cum-means students of grades XI and XII in coaching them for Engineering and CA entrance exams.

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Our Success Stories

Infosys Science Foundation (ISF), a not-for-profit trust, was set up in February 2009 by Infosys and some members of its board. ISF promotes Science & Maths learning through its Gnanadeepa Teacher Training Program. CTD has partnered with ISF to design and deliver programs to improve the quality of Science & Math teaching in Karnataka.

About 650 middle & high school teachers of Government schools from all over Karnataka assembled in Mysore for 10 days in August-2014 for CTD's training program on Science teaching.

'Your training program is innovative. We had not studied Science and Math in this way before. You have made us aware of a whole new way of teaching these subjects.'

– A Government school teacher from Mysore, Karnataka, Aug-2014

In 2015, the focus of Gnanadeepa Teacher Training program turned to pre-service teachers. CTD designed a training program for B Ed teacher-trainees. The belief is that these teacher-trainees, as they prepare to start their career as teachers, will greatly benefit from our innovative teaching methods.

Teacher-trainees from 10 different B Ed colleges experienced and understood Science & Math like they had never before.

'Connecting the Dots is doing a very good job which will help all future teachers, so please try to conduct such sessions for every batch of B.Ed. teacher trainees. Thank you'

– a student-teacher from a B Ed college in Bangalore, July-2015

The Open Door Foundation (ODF) is dedicated to creating a better future for children living in orphanages and child-care homes in India. They aim to provide the children with a range of support that includes supplementary study sessions for their academics, extra-curricular activities, vocational and training sessions. CTD runs Science classes for children in these institutions. It is our belief that all support is necessary for these children to become competitive in future.

'Connecting the Dots combined a strong passion for teaching Science & Math with a strong compassion for these underprivileged children. I feel convinced that CTD is making a positive and lasting impression on the children. CTD's programs will give a great chance for the children to become competitive and do well in future'
– Naresh D'Mello, Managing Trustee, ODF

Manipal Foundation, a charitable arm of the Manipal Group was formed in 2002. Dr. T.M.A Pai, the founder and philanthropic spirit behind the Manipal Group, channelised his energies to create wealth of a different kind – touching lives of people by making an effort to empower them. This empowerment, he believed was possible by improving areas of healthcare, education, vocational skill training, woman empowerment and environment.

CTD is executing a coaching program in Science and Maths for students of grades IX and X of 4 government schools in rural Karnataka. The program leverages a virtual classroom model where CTD’s instructors teach face-to-face in a school called the “delivery school” and the same is relayed live to the other “receiving schools”. This is supplemented by periodic visits of CTD’s faculty to the receiving schools. CTD’s coaching program is a full-year, intensive program with close to 500 hours of coaching being imparted to these students in Kannada medium.

The outcome of the program has been very encouraging. Schools that historically had a pass percentage of less than 50% in X grade board exams have now reported a pass percentage of close to 80% in Science and Mathematics.

“CTD’s teachers are excellent. They make Science and Maths easy. I have passed my board exams only because of CTD’s teachers. I now want to become an Engineer.” – Grade X student of government school, Rural Karnataka

Bosch has always been driven by its values. Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Private Limited through the years has been loyal to the fundamentals that drive the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) charter. The Social Responsibility charter is aligned to their vision towards extending 'Smart Solutions' to create long lasting value to the society.

Bosch India Foundation tasked CTD with running a pilot program for coaching students of grade X in Science and Maths in a Government school in south Bangalore. About 300 students of this school were enrolled for this coaching. Coaching was conducted in English as well as Kannada medium. In spite of the program starting only at the beginning of the 2nd term, CTD managed to very quickly engage with the students and create a significant impact on their board exam results. The school that had historically a pass percentage of below 50% in Science and Maths, had more than 75% of its students pass Science and Maths due to the coaching provided by CTD.

“CTD’s resource persons are excellent. Their knowledge of subject, their dedication and above all, their passion to make a difference in the lives of students ensured that the students of my school passed their board exams with flying colours.” – Principal, Government school, South Bangalore


Connecting The Dots is our partners who combine a strong passion for improving the quality of Science and Maths teaching for under-privileged children. I feel convinced that they are making a positive and lasting impression on these children. Their programs will give these children a great chance at becoming competitive.   Managing Trustee, Open Door Foundation