Q. 1. CTD is a private limited company. Can it engage with a Foundation of a Corporate to execute a CSR program?

Yes, CTD can directly engage with a Foundation of a corporate entity that has been specifically created with the sole purpose of executing the CSR mandate of that organisation. CTD and the Foundation can legally enter into an agreement for the execution of CSR programs.

If, however, an organisation, does not have a dedicated Foundation to execute its CSR duties, CTD cannot engage with the organisation directly. An NGO will have to act as a nodal agency between CTD and the organisation. CTD can work with an NGO that the organisation is already working with or has its ow partner NGO’s through whom projects can be executed.

Q. 2. In what social areas does CTD work?

CTD is a social enterprise that works in the field of education. It specifically specializes in imparting coaching to students of K12 in Science, Mathematics, English, Computer programming and Commercial Mathematics, and in training pre-service and in-service teachers of these subjects in deepening their subject knowledge expertise, cutting-edge pedagogical skills and the right attitude to becoming an effective teacher. CTD leverages technology extensively to increase quality and reach of its programs.

Q. 3. What geographical areas can you address?

CTD’s has executed CSR programs for corporates in several states and has the ability to deliver across India. CTD’s programs also leverage technology, like its virtual classroom platform, extensively to increase reach and is able to reach students and teachers in rural parts of the country.

Q. 4. How are program outcomes monitored?

CTD has a rigourous methodology for tracking outcome of programs. Outcomes are defined in detailed during program design. They are segregated into different categories like operational, academic, branding etc. Our Value Realisation Model (VRM) unlocks real and tangible value in these programs and ensures more bang for the buck without compromising on program goals and outcomes. Corporates can track and monitor their CSR program throughout its entire life-cycle using our VRM-enabled platform.

Q. 5. What kind of services can CTD provide?

CTD work with corporates to develop bespoke programs in education that are pertinent, aligned to its CSR philosophy and which compliment or fill in the gaps in the social value chain that the corporate envisages to operate in. We help corporates to manage programs through the entire life-cycle like program identification and design, partner identification and due-diligence, beneficiary identification, project management, reporting and compliance and impact assessment.


Q. 1. For what grades and subjects are your student coaching programs available?

CTD’s student coaching programs are available in Maths, Science, English, Computer programming and Commercial maths for grades V through XII.

Qs 2. I am student and want to enrol for your coaching program directly. Can I?

CTD’s student coaching programs run in schools. CTD ties up with schools to offer its coaching programs to students. Students cannot directly enrol for coaching programs.

Qs 3. What can I do to enrol into CTD's coaching programs if my school does not have any running?

CTD’s student coaching programs run only in schools. CTD ties up with schools to offer its coaching programs to students. Students cannot directly enrol for coaching programs. Students can appraise their school coordinator about CTD’s innovative coaching programs and request her/him to invite CTD for a free, no-obligation demo.


Q. 1. What kind of training programs does CTD have for teachers?

CTD offers teacher training programs to teachers of Science and Maths.  These programs are offered to both, pre-service as well as in-service teachers. The training programs focus on training teachers on primary, secondary and high-school level Science and Mathematics using CTD’s unique content and methodology. The training programs are structured as easy-to-complete multi-level modules for teachers to gain command over these subjects.

Qs 2. How can a teacher enrol for CTD's teacher training program?

There are two channels through which a teacher can enrol for CTD’s training programs.

In-service teachers can enrol for CTD’s Primary, Intermediate and Expert levels of training programs directly. CTD also offers its training program to schools. A teacher can nominate herself/himself to such a training program in case the school she/he is working in has asked CTD to conduct training programs to its teachers.

Pre-service teachers too can enrol for CTD’s training programs directly or through their B.Ed./D.Ed. college. CTD ties up with B.Ed./D.Ed. colleges to offer its programs to pre-service teachers. If such a program is running in the B.Ed./D.Ed. colleges where the pre-service teacher is studying, she/he can enrol for CTD’s training program.

Qs 3. I can't spare full days for training. Can I still enrol for your training programs?

Our training programs are a combination of classroom and online instructor-led and self-paced modules that allow a teacher to learn at her/his own pace without compromising on quality. A teacher needs to spare a few hours per week to complete the training.


Q. 1. What is Cloud-Tutors?

Cloud-Tutors is a service to schools for streaming live, online classes directly into classrooms. Classes are conducted during school hours. CTD’s instructors will teach from our own studio as per a pre-published schedule and the same is streamed live. Schools login to the Cloud-Tutors platform and project the session on a screen in the classroom. Sessions are saved on the cloud for later viewing by the school.

Q. 2. What are the benefits of Cloud-Tutors to a school?

Provides high quality education: Our content  is developed and delivered by IITians and other highly qualified professionals. Our teaching methodology incorporates practical demonstrations, simulations, higher order questions and discussion of exemplar questions in the syllabus. We also provide interactions with experts for doubt clarifications, access to model test papers and project ideas.

Addresses problem of teacher shortage: Many schools struggle to recruit qualified teachers. This results in existing teachers in schools being overloaded or in failure to complete portions effectively. Our program addresses this problem by taking over part of the teaching responsibilities.

Highly cost effective: The cost of this program is very attractive on a cost per student basis.

Q. 3. When are Cloud-Tutors sessions run?

Cloud-Tutors sessions are run as per a pre-determined schedule during school hours between 8 am and 3.30 pm. The schedule is published well in advance for the entire term so that schools can align their own syllabus to incorporate Cloud-Tutors sessions into their timetable.

Q. 4. What happens if a school’s timetable does not match Cloud-Tutors’ timetable?

Our timetable has been created keeping a typical school as reference. If a school’s timetable does not match ours, the school can benefit from the recorded sessions. Interactions with our experts are offered on a regular basis for an opportunity to ask questions and clarify doubts.

Q. 5. How does a school access live, online classes?

Accessing the classes on Cloud-Tutors is simple. It requires a standard internet connection of about 2 MBPS. The classroom infrastructure required is the same as a typical smart class with a computer, overhead projector, a large screen, speakers and a mike. UPS backup is desirable. No other software or equipment is necessary. Existing smart class infrastructure can be leveraged by a school.

Q. 6. How effective is teaching using virtual classroom?

Our classes are designed to make the experience similar to conventional classrooms. There are two-way interactions between teachers & students, demonstrations & experiments, tests & quizzes and opportunities to get doubts clarified. The audio and video quality ensure that all students in a class get full benefit of the teaching.

Q. 7. How are Cloud-Tutors’ classes interactive?

Students may ask questions during the class by using the microphone or by typing the question in the chat window. We also schedule sessions with our instructors for answering questions and clarifying doubts. Questions may be sent to our instructors also through email or WhatsApp.

Q. 8. What support does Cloud-Tutors provide to teachers?

Teachers of schools can send questions to our instructors via email or phone. We also offer support to teachers with ideas for experiments and projects. Teachers will be provided with worksheets and question banks that they can use in their classroom.

Q. 9. How is Cloud-Tutors better than other online content available on the internet?

Our content  is specifically tailored to a school’s syllabus and aligned to a school’s timetable. Our classes are live and interactive. This makes learning more effective. The teaching methodology integrates practical applications, demonstrations, simulations along with the lectures. The cost to the school is reasonable. All these factors make Cloud-Tutors a very attractive proposition.

Q. 10. Who will conduct tests and exams ?

The school’s teachers will conduct the usual tests and exams. Instructors of Cloud-Tutors will be to explain concepts. The school’s regular teachers will be responsible for answering questions at the end of the chapter and for conducting tests & exams. They can use the worksheets and question banks provided by Cloud-Tutors for testing application knowledge and higher-order thinking skills.

Q. 11. What is the qualification of instructors who teach for Cloud-Tutors?

Cloud-Tutors’s faculty are highly qualified with Masters degree from prestigious Indian universities like IITs and foreign universities. Several of our faculty also have a PhD. They have vast teaching experience and bring to the table a potent mix of deep subject knowledge, understanding of engineering application, latest pedagogical skills and a passion to make a difference in the lives of students.

Q. 12. Who will provide the infrastruture in the school? Can CTD procure the infrastructure for the school or rent it out?

The infrastructure needed in a school for receiving the Cloud-Tutors programs are to be provided for by the school. CTD provides a list of equipment needed like computer, over-head projector, screen, mike etc. which are usually already available in the school. If a school has smart boards, those can be used as well to receive Cloud-Tutors programs. No special software is needed either.

CTD cannot help in procuring the equipment nor does it rent it out to schools. CTD can advise schools on the specification of the equipment needed.

Q. 13. Will the instrutors of Cloud-Tutors visit the school or is Cloud-Tutors completely virtual? Is there a local coordinator of Cloud-Tutors who can be contacted?

Cloud-Tutors is a virtual student coaching program. Faculty of Cloud-Tutors do not visit schools. The school can get in touch with the faculty over chat, phone, email or Whatsapp. Cloud-Tutors does have local coordinators at select locations who can also be contacted for non-academic queries/issues.

Q. 14. What is the medium of instruction?

Medium of instruction is English. We have plans in future to offer coaching programs to schools in vernacular medium.

Q. 15. What boards and what grades are covered in Cloud-Tutors?

Cloud-Tutors programs are available for grades from VII to X for CBSE board. We are currently working on offering programs in other boards.