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A crippling shortage of well-qualified and motivated teachers, inability of experienced teachers to adapt to modern techniques and models of teaching, increasing costs of training teachers in newer and more complex syllabi as well as huge teacher turnover year-on-year are but some of the issues. Added to this are the ever-increasing demands placed by parents on schools to prepare their wards as early as possible to face competitive exams for professional courses.  Such myriad problems on an ongoing basis make running a school very challenging.

We offer innovative solutions to schools targeting teachers and students that can help schools overcome some of these problems.

In-service teacher training programs

Our in-service teacher training programs incorporate innovative teaching techniques and help equip teachers with the latest in pedagogy and subject matter expertise. They are based on the latest syllabus of the respective Education Boards to make sure teachers can apply their learning in the classroom immediately.

Some of the highlights of our in-service teacher training programs are:

  • Highly syllabus oriented, covering syllabi of CBSE, ICSE, IB, IGCSE and state boards
  • Training courses designed separately for primary, middle, secondary and high school teachers
  • Offered in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Earth Sciences and English
  • Training comprising both live and self-learning modules
  • Emphasis on conceptual understanding and simplified pedagogy
  • Assessment of in-service teachers available
  • Helpdesk for teachers to clarify doubts
  • Based on CTD’s philosophy of “frugal science” that helps a teacher to demonstrate the most complex concepts using inexpensive and easily available material.

Student coaching programs

We provide very innovative student coaching programs to schools in Science, Mathematics and English for grades V to XII. We strongly believe that students should not be burdened with after-school coaching and that the 6 hours that a student spends in school is amply sufficient to teach students what is a part of the syllabus and beyond. Keeping this philosophy as the cornerstone of our offerings, we provide the following to schools:

  • Virtual e-classrooms for grades V to XII in Science, Mathematics, Social Science & English using our Cloud-Tutors service offering
  • On-premise coaching for grades V to XII in Science, Mathematics, Social Science & English

Some of the highlights of our student coaching programs are:

  • Highly syllabus oriented, covering syllabi of CBSE, ICSE, IB, IGCSE and state boards
  • Modules designed for logically grouped subjects like Science and  Mathematics, English and Social Science, Computer Science and Structured thinking
  • Modules designed to use about 25-30% of the periods for a subject in a school thereby striking the right balance between our coaching and teaching by school's teachers
  • Access to our portal for question bank and assessment worksheets

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Our Success Stories

MES Kishore Kendra in Malleswaram, Bangalore – part of the MES group of schools and colleges – has a long record in academic excellence. The school invited CTD to expose children of 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th standards to a different approach to learning Science and Mathematics. CTD combined topics of the state syllabus with numerous hands-on activities, demonstrations, quizzes and assignments to make learning an exciting process.

The year ended on a high with a Science exhibition which showcased over 400 children with their Science projects.

'The children and I eagerly looked forward to CTD classes every week. Their sessions were always filled with activities, interesting discussions and questions that made the children think.'
– A teacher from the school, Feb-2015

The Samhita Academy is fuelled by a simple yet bold mission statement: To provide quality education for empowerment. Samhita's vision is to create a replicable model of education that fosters every child in their care.

Samhita invited CTD to teach some of the more abstract concepts in Physics to children in 10th and 9th std . CTD uses its unique methodology to make these subjects come alive in the classroom.

'CTD's sessions made learning really interesting and exciting. Complex concepts were easily understood. Looking forward to many more such sessions'
– student of std 10, Samhita Academy

'Unadulterated, pure Science fun. I love it.'
– student of std 10, Samhita Academy

'I usually hate Physics. But Connecting the Dots makes me love Physics. I like everything that happens in their class'
– student of std 9, Samhita Academy

Poorna Prajna group of schools is committed to providing holistic, excellent education for facing the challenges of a changing world while being firmly grounded in values and tradition. Their mission is to prepare and empower the students to meet the challenges of a dynamic and changing world. Poorna Prajna strives to build on its heritage and values, developing the spiritual, mental and physical aspects of each individual to produce leaders of future.​​

Poorna Prajna School engaged CTD for an extensive teacher training program to train their Science, Mathematics, English and Montessori teachers. CTD designed a unique program in Phonics for the pre-primary teachers. Teachers were divided into groups from pre-primary, middle-school and high-school and trained separately. Around 150 teachers from all the Poorna Prajna schools were trained during the training session. The entire training was done combining various hands-on activities, demonstrations, games, quizzes and assignments. Teachers found the training extremely useful and interactive. Teachers felt that the session helped them learn new ways of introducing concepts and linking the lessons with other subjects. They also learnt simple methods of explaining concepts.

To quote in teacher's words 'Explanation was superb, very informative and activity oriented.'

Bright Public School is a co-educational day school affiliated to CBSE with a motto of 'The Truth shall set you free'. It was started with the sole purpose of providing quality but affordable education to the children in the neighborhood.

CTD has been working very closely with Bright Public school, teaching Mathematics and Science to about 250 students of grades 5 through grade 9. Term-wise teacher-training sessions for the Science and Mathematics teachers of the school were also conducted as a part of the engagement. Both, the teachers as well as the students have acknowledged that they immensely benefitted by the unique methodology of CTD.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Vidya Mandir (SSRVM), a temple of learning, where knowledge is revered, believes in ‘Vidya Dadati Poornatvam’ meaning Education Brings Completeness.
CTD conducted an extensive program to supplement and complement the teaching of Science and Mathematics using our unique methodology. The children from 5th to 7th benefited immensely from this program. CTD teachers made conceptual understanding of the topics, fun and interesting. CTD also planned the annual Science Fair of the school and helped students design all the exhibits in the fair.

NPS is an abode of learning that strives continuously to provide education of the highest academic standards. It is synonymous with academic excellence and all round development of personality. They firmly believe in the importance of a strong academic foundation coupled with equal stress on creative expression and social adaptability skills.
CTD was engaged by NPS to provide in-service teacher training program. The program was designed for about 20 Science and Mathematics teachers. Separate training was conducted for primary and high-school teachers. The training was very well-received by the teachers.


Cloud-Tutors classes have made a positive impact on the learning outcomes of our students. Many students who earlier feared Science and Mathematics now seem to enjoy these subjects.   School Principal, CBSE School, Bangalore
CTD is simply awesome. I have never learnt Maths and Science this way. The teachers of CTD teach concepts in a simple manner and emphasise the application using innovative but easy to conduct experiments and demos. I am in love with Maths and Science for the first time.   VII Grade Student, SSRVM School
I grew up hating Physics and Maths. After the sessions by Connecting the Dots I wish I had teachers like these in middle and high school.   X grade student in Samhita Academy, Bangalore