What is Cloud-Tutors?

Cloud-Tutors is an innovative technology-enabled solution for schools to address the ever growing problems faced by them in providing top-quality education to their students. Cloud-Tutors is a revolutionary idea of beaming live classes directly into classrooms by expert teachers, mostly IITians, who complement and supplement the teaching done by the school's teachers by using intelligent breakdown of lesson-plans to provide seamless teaching to students. Cloud-Tutors uses experts who not only have a mastery over the subject but also understand the challenges of making students ready to cope in an increasingly competitive world. Our teachers are backed by our own team of content creators who have expertise in creating educational content using our unique methodology that is bench-marked against the best in the world. Live classes are telecast as per a pre-determined schedule. Schools login and project the live classes on a screen in a classroom. Live classes are interactive allowing for 2-way communication. This ensures immediate doubt clarification. Live classes are recorded and stored on the cloud for viewing again at any time by the school.

What are the benefits of Cloud-Tutors?

Provides high quality education: Our content  is developed and delivered by IITians and other highly qualified professionals. Our teaching methodology incorporates practical demonstrations, simulations, higher order questions and discussion of exemplar questions in the syllabus.We also provide interactions with experts for doubt clarifications, access to model test papers and project ideas.

Addresses problem of teacher shortage: Many schools struggle to recruit qualified teachers. This results in existing teachers in schools being overloaded or in failure to complete portions effectively. Our program addresses this problem by taking over part of the teaching responsibilities.

Highly cost effective: The cost of this program is very attractive on a cost per student basis.

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School Programs

Details of our in-school and after-school programs are provided below. In-school programs run during regular school hours and Cloud-Tutors classes have to be incorporated in the school timetable. After-school programs are conducted immediately after school hours.

Cloud Tutors products -Jan 2019
Cloud Tutors products -Jan 2019

Pricing Model for In-School programs

Commercials are linked to how many packages (Science & Maths, or   English & Social Studies) , grades (7th, 8th, 9th and 10th) and number of sections in every grade. Each combination of these factors is defined as one 'feed'.

The following examples illustrate the same:

If a school selects Science & Maths package for 10th standard; and there are 2 sections, it will constitute 2 feeds in all.

If a school selects Science & Maths package for 8th and 9th standards and there are three sections in each standard, it will constitute 6 feeds in all.

Pricing is on a Per-Feed basis. Discounts will apply  if a school subscribes to multiple feeds. Service tax applies separately. Contact us for more information on commercials.

Learning Platform

'The classes are delivered over CTD's online learning platform Cloud-Tutors. This platform offers several benefits to schools:

  • High quality education at reasonable costs
  • Live lessons delivered into the classrooms with the option of viewing recorded sessions for later revisions
  • Similar to in-person classroom experience for students
  • A rich interactive environment where students learn through observing demonstrations, simulations, experiments etc.
  • Access to experts to whom questions can be sent
  • Online communities of other schools to exchange ideas and notes
  • Model papers for tests and examinations
  • Links to other free resources available for teaching

Infrastructure Required In Schools

Access to the virtual classroom requires a standard internet connection of about 2 Mbps. The classroom infrastructure required is the same as a typical smart class with a computer, overhead projector and screen. No other software or equipment is necessary.

Delivery Model

This graphic illustrates the delivery model that will be used in our live classes.

Two-way interaction between instructors and students is possible through different means:  microphone, chat windows, sending questions by email or Whatsapp or posting questions in our portal. It is designed to make the virtual classes similar to an in-person classroom experience.