This is what our beneficiaries are saying..

I have been searching for such training programs before becoming a teacher. This has enhanced my knowledge and I have more confidence in becoming a teacher. It will be of help for my career. I want to thank Connecting The Dots who conducted this training.   Student-Teacher, New Horizon B. Ed. College, Bangalore
The training sessions seamlessly combined subject matter with the process of teaching. A lot of planning and expertise in their subject areas was very evident. In spite of being a teacher for over 15 years, I was humbled by what I learnt in the training; or rather what I had not known all these years.   High School Teacher, Government School, Dharwad
Gnanadeepa program has made a difference to our students in demonstration classes, planning & designing instructional material and lesson plans.   The Principal of MES B.Ed. College, Bangalore
Student-teachers continue to use ideas received during the training program conducted by Connecting The Dots even after they commenced their teaching profession. The enthusiasm and interest generated in the classroom by these training sessions will stay with them when they teach their students.   Assistant Director - Government College for Teacher Education, Belgaum
CTD is doing a very good job which will help all future teachers. All B.Ed. college students should undergo their training along with their B.Ed. course.   Student-Teacher R.I.E., Mysore
I grew up hating Physics and Maths. After the sessions by Connecting the Dots I wish I had teachers like these in middle and high school.   X grade student in Samhita Academy, Bangalore
It's a pity that it is not possible to give hundred stars to CTD's instructors and their training. I am now filled with renewed enthusiasm and vigour to go back and teach my students. Thumbs up !!   High School Teacher, Government School, Mysore
CTD is simply awesome. I have never learnt Maths and Science this way. The teachers of CTD teach concepts in a simple manner and emphasise the application using innovative but easy to conduct experiments and demos. I am in love with Maths and Science for the first time.   VII Grade Student, SSRVM School
Cloud-Tutors classes have made a positive impact on the learning outcomes of our students. Many students who earlier feared Science and Mathematics now seem to enjoy these subjects.   School Principal, CBSE School, Bangalore