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Our Teaching Methodology

Our approach to teaching Science & Mathematics to students is based on 5 core principles which form our VALUE™ framework:

Value System: Values and ethics form the bedrock on which a generation is built. We integrate imparting of values and ethics as a part of our teaching to make students the custodians of a future that is fair, sensitive and morally, culturally and ecologically aware of their duties towards society.

Application In Engineering: We teach engineering & technological applications in relation to a concept. This allows students to appreciate the impact of Science & Mathematics on our modern lives.

Learner For Life: Science is not set in stone! It is a dynamic, constantly evolving, self-correcting process. A student of science has to cultivate a habit of keeping themselves updated in this fascinating & ever changing world of new discoveries and inventions. We shape in students a learning attitude that goes beyond their text books.

Unified & Integrated View: In traditional teaching methods, subjects are thought in isolation. As a result, knowledge seems disconnected rather than corelated and integrated. We soften subject boundaries so that students can appreciate a concept in its entirety. We systematically link every concept we teach to natural observances, practical applications and cultural references. We also stimulate higher order thinking through “how”, “why” and “what-if” questions.

Experiential Learning: We teach concepts through experiments, working models, computer simulations, audio- visual content, field trips, games and even magic tricks. This makes concepts less abstract for students. Our ’Science in the news’ sessions make students aware of the constant progress that mankind makes in Science & Technology.

The above principles also form the backbone of our unique methodology and pedagogy for training teachers. Teachers are also trained on other aspects important to their profession and necessary in they becoming successful and effective in imparting education to their students.