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The QRIOSITY KIT by Cloud-Tutors is a specialized educational package designed for schools.

It encompasses a physical kit for hands-on experiments, concept-based videos, and supporting documents to facilitate effective learning.

The QRIOSITY KIT enhances education with hands-on experiments, conceptual learning, and thorough assessments, benefiting both teachers and students.


Benefits of QRIOSITY FOR:


  • NEP 2020 Integration.

  • Introduce to concept learning in school.

  • Enhance overall academic performance by raising the quality of teachers.

  • Increase the goodwill with parents.

  • Develop curiosity and critical thinking in students.


  • Access to well planned content (lectures, worksheets, quizzes assignments, experiments & exams).

  • Make classes engaging and joyful for students.

  • Enhance subject matter expertise of teachers.

  • Doubt clarification sessions of teachers on a scheduled basis.

  • Flexibility for teachers to handle different boards.


  • Access to complete content (lectures, worksheets, quizzes, notes, assessments & exam papers).

  • Integrated learning combining concepts with experiments, real life experiences and engineering applications.

  • Hands-on learning through demonstrations and experiments.

  • Preparation for board and competitive exams.

A Glimpse into the QRIOSITY KIT

To delve deeper into the features and benefits of our innovative educational package, download our comprehensive PDF guide.

This document provides a detailed overview, including insights into the kit's contents, usage, and the positive impact it can have on both teachers and students.

Feel free to reach out with any queries or to request further details about QRIOSITY KIT. We look forward to assisting you on your educational journey.

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